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Do Nows must be completed in the first 2 minutes of class to receive credit. You are only allowed to makeup Do Nows given an excused absence (absent from school, ISS, or late with a note).

  1. Monday & Tuesday: Do Now 4 (Commas)
  2. Wednesay & Tuesday: Do Now 5 (Apostrophes)


ACT English
  1. Change your password to “studentstudent”.
  2. For each of the following 10 modules on Khan Academy, watch the videos (basic and harder), then complete 25 questions. Make sure to review your answer after each question so that you improve your accuracy. The modules are as follows:
  • Effective language use: Precision and concision
  • Effective language use: Style and tone
  • Effective language use: Syntax
  • Grammar: Subject-verb agreement
  • Grammar: Noun agreement
  • Grammar: Conventional expression
  • Grammar: Logical comparison
  • Grammar: Possessive pronouns
  • Grammar: Items in a series
  • Grammar: Nonrestrictive and parenthetical elements
The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Reading: AMX Ch. 2

Download the ePUB and open with Google Play Books. Ask me for help if necessary.


This Thursday, we will have a quiz on i) ACT English skills from this and last week (everything under “Grammar and effective language use” except “Frequently confused words”)