Fireside Chat

To receive credit, Do Nows must be turned in within the first 2 minutes of class. You will only be allowed to makeup a Do Now if you have an excused absence (absent from school, ISS, or late with a note).

  1. First class: Do Now 1 (Parallelism)
  2. Second class: Do Now 2 (Commas)


ACT Prep

Grammar:  Check your email and join my class for Khan Academy. If you are making a new account, use your vocabulary.com email & the password “studentstudent”. If you already have an account, go to your name in the top right > Profile > Coaches > accept me as a coach.

Then go to Subject > Test Prep > New SAT (starting March 2016) > Practice Reading & Writing > Take the 2 Writing Diagnostics (Quiz 3-Writing and language, Quiz 4-Writing and language).

For each of the first 10 Grammar modules, watch the videos (basic and harder), then complete 30 questions. Make sure to review your answer after each question so that you improve your accuracy. The 10 modules are as follows:

  1. Grammar: End-of-sentence punctuation
  2. Grammar: Within-sentence punctuation
  3. Grammar: Sentence boundaries
  4. Grammar: Subordination and coordination
  5. Grammar: Parallel structure
  6. Grammar: Modifier placement
  7. Grammar: Shifts in verb, tense, and mood
  8. Grammar: Pronoun clarity
  9. Grammar: Pronoun agreement
  10. Grammar: Possessive determiners


Next Monday or Tuesday, we will have a quiz on the week’s ACT English skills.