This Thursday or Friday, we will have a ~25 minute graded discussion (rubric here) on The Catcher in the Rye ch. 8-10. The discussion will count for half as much as the quiz.

Please prepare thoughts, evidence, and opinions for the discussions.


The Catcher in the Rye

Reading: TCITR chapters 8 – end of 10.

Download the ePUB and open with Google Play Books. Ask me for help if necessary.

Discussion Questions & Skill Builder: Chapters 8-10 questions

  1. Answer skill builder questions in 2-3 sentences on paper and turn in on Friday.
  2. Prepare quotations and ideas for discussions. (Your discussion contribution will be graded, but I will not collect your preparation.)

Complete Old Assignments: I will stop accepting work for quarter 3 on Thursday at 3 pm. Anything assignment in SIS under 100% can be improved or redone to raise your grade. Remember, assignments are 40% of our quarter grade!