This Friday, we will have a ~30 minute graded discussion (rubric here) and a ~20 minute quiz over the material in The Catcher in the Rye from ch. 8 – end of 10. Some of you failed to participate actively, respectfully, or with quotations in Tuesday’s discussion. That will count for half as much as this upcoming one.


The Catcher in the Rye

Reading: TCITR chapters 8 – end of 10.

Download the ePUB and open with Google Play Books. Ask me for help if necessary.

Discussion Questions & Skill Builder: Chapters 8-10 questions

  1. Answer skill builder questions in 2-3 sentences on paper and turn in on Friday.
  2. Prepare quotations and ideas for the Friday’s discussion. (Your discussion contribution will be graded, but I will not collect your preparation.)


Backwards plan: How many chapters do you need to read each day to be prepared for Friday’s assessment?

Study groups: Feel free to discuss chapters or read through the book in groups. Mr. S will always join your group if you request.

Take notes: Jot down ideas and quotations as you read the book. This will serve as your preparation for Friday’s graded discussion.

Skill builder: People do this one of two ways. Some students answer questions as they go. Others save it for the end, using the skill builder to review the material.


The Catcher in the Rye is considered one of the greatest, perhaps the greatest, “coming of age novel” of all time. It’s a hallmark of the American high school curriculum, and for good reason: it’s about the high school experience from the eyes of a dissatisfied teenager. Through TCITR, we’ll explore some powerful literary techniques (explained in the instructional materials above.)