AC(H) 2/1-7/2016

Fireside Chat

You are free to use this time how you want, given two restrictions: a) you have to be doing something productive and b) you cannot disrupt others. So if you want to form a reading group, feel free to do so! (As long as you’re actually reading.)

Also, please use me as a resource. If you want me to sit and read with you, I would love to. If you want to debrief after each chapter, I would love to. Use your resources to accomplish your goals!


We have a quiz on Monday or Tuesday of next week on chapters 1-8 of the Narrative of Frederick Douglass.


Narrative of Frederick Douglass



  1. NFD Chapters 5-8
    • To read, open Play Books on your tablet and click on Narrative of Frederick Douglass. If you don’t know a word, you can look it up by highlighting it!

Skill Builder

On a piece of loose leaf paper, answer each of the following questions with 2-3 strong, descriptive sentences. Turn in the sheet of paper for grading.


Two reasons. Foremost, Frederick Douglass is an American hero, and his autobiography is considered a staple in our canon. Through his story, we learn lessons of perseverance, civil service, and courage. We also glimpse a rare portrayal of American slavery from an actual slave.

Second, you’ve read shorter pieces and done so splendidly. Now it’s time to move onto a full-length book. Sustained reading endurance is a skill, and we’re going to develop it.