AC(H) 1/25-31/2016

Fireside Chat

Below are tablet & headphone assignments. Come in, grab your tablet / headphones, then return it to the appropriate number after class. Now we’ll know who is / isn’t plugging in their tablets.


We have a quiz next week on material from the Narrative of Frederick Douglass

Time Management

Here’s how I would chunk the week.

Day Work Completed
Monday (ACH) FDN Preface-4 vocab list
  • FDN vocab list
Tuesday (AC) FDN Preface-4 vocab list
  • FDN vocab list
Wednesday (ACH) FDN Preface-4
  • FDN vocab list
  • FDN Preface-4
Thursday (AC) FDN Preface-4
  • FDN vocab list
  • FDN Preface-4
Friday (ACH) FDN Preface-4
  • FDN vocab list
  • FDN Preface-4


Narrative of Frederick Douglass


Two reasons. Foremost, Frederick Douglass is an American hero, and his autobiography is considered a staple in our canon. Through his story, we learn lessons of perseverance, civil service, and courage. We also glimpse a rare portrayal of American slavery from an actual slave.

Second, you’ve read shorter pieces and done so splendidly. Now it’s time to move onto a full-length book. Sustained reading endurance is a skill, and we’re going to develop it.

Instructional Material

Background information

Please prep for Douglass’s narrative by reading this brief biography online.



  1. NFD Preface-Chapter 4


  1. NFD Preface-Chapter 4
    • To read, open Play Books on your tablet and click on Narrative of Frederick Douglass. If you don’t know a word, you can look it up by highlighting it!

Accessing the book at home

To read at home on your phone, tablet, or computer:

  1. Access the ePUB or PDF of the book here.
  2. Open it with iBooks, Google Play, or the Kindle app. Those can be downloaded on the app store or online. Please message or come to me with any questions. I can help you with this.

Extra, Extra!


A friend sent me this McSweeney’s interactive guide to ambiguous grammar. You can jump to the bottom for the kicker.