Fireside Chat

Due to the field trip, we have another shortened week. Regretfully, I’m pushing off our college essay meetings until next week.

Below are tablet & headphone assignments. Come in, grab your tablet / headphones, then return it to the appropriate number after class. Now we’ll know who is / isn’t plugging in their tablets.


We have a test on Thursday. Tests come every 4 weeks, cover 4 weeks worth of material (so from the beginning of the semester), are 4 times as long a quizzes and are thus worth 4 times as much.

Here’s the material that will be on this test.

Week 1

Prefixesanti- (against); con- (together); mis- (hatred, incorrectly); pre- (before); sub- (below, under); super- (above, over); omni- (all); ambi- (both); uni- (having only one); bi- (two); re- (again, back); un-, dis-, in-, im-, il-, non- (not)

Week 2

Prefixes: pro- (to go forth or put forth); inter- (between); trans- (across or beyond); circum- (around or round about); fore- (before); ex- (out, up)

Suffixes: -fy (to make into); -ism (a system of beliefs); -able / -ible (able to be); -ful / -ous (full of); -al (pertaining to)

Week 3

Vocabulary: NFD Preface – Chapter 4

Narrative of Frederick Douglass: Preface – Chapter 4

Week 4

Vocabulary: NFD Chapter 5 – Chapter 8

Narrative of Frederick Douglass: Chapter 5 – Chapter 8

Time Management

Here’s how I would chunk the week.

Day Work Completed
Monday Review old material
(vocab, IXLs, FDN P-4)
Tuesday FDN 5-8 vocab list
  • Review
  • FDN vocab list
  • FDN 5-8
  • Review
  • FDN vocab list
  • FDN 5-8
  • Test

  • Review
  • FDN vocab list
  • FDN 5-8
  • Field trip!
  • Field trip!


Narrative of Frederick Douglass



  1. NFD Chapter 5-8 Vocab


  1. NFD Chapters 5-8
    • NFD available in Play Books on the tablet. You can always look up words you don’t know by highlighting them!

Extra, Extra!


A friend sent me this McSweeney’s interactive guide to ambiguous grammar. You can jump to the bottom for the kicker.