1/19-24/16 AC

Fireside Chat

AC—Ross, Jones, Kirkland, and Prince: Please spend the first 15 minutes reviewing for last week’s quiz.

Once y’all take the quiz, I’ll post the answer key.


This week, every 11th-grade English class will be preparing for the ASVAB using the same curriculum. You will take the ASVAB either next Tuesday (Jan 26) or next Wednesday (Jan 27).

There are some incentives for performing well on the ASVAB. First, you need to pass the assessment to graduate. Second, the ASVAB is a career inventory tool, so it will recommend different career paths. Last, but certainly not least, students who score above a 63 will receive $25 from the school.

Time Management

Here’s how I would chunk the week.

Day Work Completed
Tuesday / Wednesday
  • ASVAB practice:
    • General Science
    • Arithmetic Reasoning
    • World Knowledge
    • Paragraph Comprehension
  • Any missing homework assignments from this class
  • ASVAB practice tests 1-4
Thursday / Friday
  • ASVAB practice:
    • Math Knowledge
    • Electronic Information
    • Auto Information
    • Shop Information
    • Mechanical Comprehension
    • Assembling Objects
    • Verbal Expression
  • Any missing homework assignments from this class
  • ASVAB practice tests 5-11


ASVAB Practice


Foremost, this is required; every 11th-grade English class will be doing this all week. That being said, practicing for the ASVAB will help you in a number of ways. You must take the ASVAB to graduate, and if you score over 63, Jennings will give you $25! The ASVAB will also suggest careers to explore, which you may find helpful.


Go to http://www.asvabpracticetests.com/. Click on the relevant practice test, then work your way through it. Note that once you begin, a timer begins in the top right. Once you complete the test, write down your score on the piece of paper I hand out. Returning the papers with your test scores will earn you points.

By the end of the two classes, you need to complete all 11 practice tests. It’s recommended you complete tests 1-4 on the first day and tests 5-11 on the second.