Fireside Chat
  1. We’re launching a new experiment! Instead of daily agendas, I am going to give you weekly work assignments. Unless otherwise specified, you can work on them in whatever order you choose. Normally, an assignment will include materials that introduce or explain the topic, skill, creative endeavor, etc. This week’s will be a little funky, since it is just review. Sometimes, assignments will require collaboration, peer-editing, or group work. (Like before, you can call me over for any questions you have during the period. You only need to work at home on assignments not completed in class.)
  2. Policy regarding seats: If you are not seated and working 2 minutes into the period, you will lose a class point. You may request a seat change (e.g. hallway, library, etc.only once you have begun working in your usual location. I’ll hear your appeal, but my final decision will be non-negotiable. If you fuss about seats (e.g. make a scene, protest, etc.) at any point, I will immediately send you to ISS for the period.
  3. Tablets may be plugged in during the last minutes of the period, no sooner.
Rhetorical devices
IXL Skills