1. 25 mins: Silently study vocabulary.
    • Recommendation: A words, which most of you are weakest in
    • NB: BC, and MLK words will also appear on the midterm, but only as 1 or 2 questions a piece.
    • Why: The ACT assumes and uses a variety of college-level words. So does college. Research suggests if you don’t recognize 95% of the words on the page, you will struggle to comprehend.
  2. 15 mins: Silently study participles.
  3. 25 minsSilently study perfect & progressive tenses.
  4. 25 mins: : Silently study tense shifts.
    1. Review: Tense shifts
    2. 8–DD.2:Simple past, present, and future tense: review
    3. 8–DD.1: Irregular past tense: review
    4. 11–T.5: Identify and correct inappropriate shifts in verb tense