1. 25 mins: Silently study vocabulary.
    • Recommendation: A words and B words, which most of you are weakest in
    • Why: The ACT assumes and uses a variety of college-level words. So does college. Research suggests if you don’t recognize 95% of the words on the page, you will struggle to comprehend.
  2. 25 mins: Silently move these conjunction IXLs to 100
    1. Review coordinate conjunctions,
    2. Review subordinating conjunctions
    3. Review correlative conjunctions
  3. 25 mins: Silently move these restrictive & non-restrictive elements IXLs to 100
    1. Review restrictive vs. non-restrictive elements
    2. Cheat sheet: If there are commas, then it is non-restrictive, so there is no need to specify, and hence only one type of that thing. If there are no commas, then it is restrictive, so there’s a need to specify and hence, more than one type of that thing.
      1. 12–I.2: Commas with nonrestrictive elements
      2. 12–I.1: What does the punctuation suggest?