• Review and synthesize for the midterm
    • Focus: A-word vocabulary; punctuation; phrases & clauses; appositives; infinitives
  • NB: College classes often feel like a sprint during the term. New skills are thrown at you too fast to process. Only when studying for the midterm or final do you begin to see the big picture—how it all fits together. Hopefully, as you review material this week, concepts and skills will finally click.


  1. 25 mins: Silently study vocabulary.
    • Recommendation: A words, which most of you are weakest in
    • Why: The ACT assumes and uses a variety of college-level words. So does college. Research suggests if you don’t recognize 95% of the words on the page, you will struggle to comprehend.
  2. Optional: Stretch
  3. 25 mins: Silently move these phrase vs. clause IXLs to 100
  4. 20 mins: Silently move these punctuation IXLs to 100
  5. 20 mins: Loudly play Kahoot! on punctuation, phrases, clauses
    • Why: Allow you and me to take a snapshot of mastery and trouble points. Listen to my explanations after problem questions—very similar questions will appear on the midterm.