1. 45 mins: Silently, master 91 college level words beginning with B
    • If you don’t have an account on vocabulary.com, click here for American Canon and here for American Canon Honors
    • Sign in
    • Click “Learn this list”
    • Go to “Practice”
    • I grade you based on the top right progress bar (that’s the mastery bar) not the progress bar on the left (that’s progress through the practice session)
  2. Lunch!
  3. 45 mins: Silently work on these IXLs. Rationale: ACT paragraphs are generic and boring. They are all organized similarly. The IXLs we are working on today and next class will teach you: a) that organizational structure (so you can skim & read more quickly) and b) how to identify features (like tone) of that organization.