1. You learn best when actively working, not when passively listening to me talk. From now on, I’m going to lay out your work in the day’s agenda. Then I’m going to let you go. During class, my primary role will be a) tutoring you one-on-one or b) announcing when to switch agenda items.
    • Each pod will nominate one person to retrieve tablets for the pod at the beginning of class. Another person will be responsible for returning tablets after class. A third person will be responsible for resetting the chairs. The final person will check the area for forgotten notebooks or trash.
    • I just secured funding for a class set of headphones. Until they are delivered, headphones will not be traded after the start of class. I am tired of wasting time on this.
    • Class points will be deducted for off-task behavior.
  2. We will have a test this Friday. It will cover:
    • 2 ACT Reading Comp. sections (20 questions)
    • Vocabulary from the B and C word lists (30 questions)
    • Questions on last week’s IXL skills (10 questions)
    • 1 ACT English section (15 questions)
  3. Agenda items will become more detailed. Read the entire agenda item closely before beginning.


Do now please: Carefully and silently read the announcement above.

  1. 5 mins: In an indoor voice, decide who will be fulfill each role within your pod. The roles are:
    • Tablet retriever
    • Tablet returner
    • Table organizer
    • Trash / materials monitor
  2. 25 mins: Silently complete American Canon work.
  3. 3 mins: Loudly stand up and do five jumps / bust a move / get your energy out. Then write down one thing you’re grateful for (e.g. “I’m grateful my students are so determined to succeed. Not every teacher gets so lucky.”)
  4. 20 mins: Silently review the following presentations independently:
  5. 15 mins:
    • Set your phone or some alarm for 8 minutes and 45 seconds. It should not make noise, unless you have headphones.
    • Turn your tablet horizontally.
    • Record your answers on a separate piece of paper (Mr. S will hand out).
    • Work through this ACT Reading Comp passage. Start your timer once you begin.
    • If you run out of time, make a mark at the last question you answered, then continue to work as quickly as possible through the other answers.
    • Review your answers. Diagnose your errors. Did you fall into a trap you can avoid in the future? What strategies worked for you? How can you move more quickly?
  6. 5 mins: In an indoor voice, share successful and unsuccessful strategies with podmates.
  7. 15 mins: Loudly come to the SmartBoard for Kahoot! IXL review