11/30/2015 CP

We will have a test this Friday. Your work is to study for the test. The test will consist of:

  • 2 ACT Reading Comp. sections (20 questions)
  • Vocabulary from the B, C, and MLK word lists (30 questions)
  • Questions on last week’s IXL skills (10 questions)
  • 1 ACT English section (15 questions)

Monday: Makeup missing work on B wordsC words, and MLK words.

Tuesday: Makeup missing work on B wordsC words, and MLK words.

Wednesday: Review old IXLs

  1. 12-C.4: Compare passages for tone
  2. 12-C.1: Identify audience and purpose
  3. 12-W.1: Transitions with conjunctive adverbs
  4. 12-B.5: Transition logically between claims, evidence, analysis, and counterclaims
  5. 12-C.5: Compare passages for subjective and objective tone
  6. 12-C.6: Which text is most formal?
  7. 12-A.1: Order topics from broadest to narrowest
  8. 12-A.2: Identify thesis statement
  9. 12-A.3: Organize information by main idea
  10. 12-A.4: Choose the topic sentence that best captures the main idea

Thursday: Study for the test. Review your weak points.

Friday-Sunday: No quiz on Monday! Complete missing homework assignments, e.g. “I Have A Dream” rhetorical analysis or IXLs from earlier this quarter.