11/16/2015 CP

Due 11/23/2015
  1. 12-C.4: Compare passages for tone
  2. 12-C.1: Identify audience and purpose
  3. 12-W.1: Transitions with conjunctive adverbs
  4. 12-B.5: Transition logically between claims, evidence, analysis, and counterclaims
  5. 12-C.5: Compare passages for subjective and objective tone
  6. 12-C.6: Which text is most formal?
  7. 12-A.1: Order topics from broadest to narrowest
  8. 12-A.2: Identify thesis statement
  9. 12-A.3: Organize information by main idea
  10. 12-A.4: Choose the topic sentence that best captures the main idea
Next week’s homework
  1. Master 96 college level words beginning with C

The below suggestions presume 30 minutes of focused work per night. Combined with our time in class, this should suffice to complete the above assignment.

Monday: Try to finish 1-2 IXLs

Tuesday: Try to finish 1-2 IXLs

Wednesday: Try to finish 1-2 IXLs

Thursday: Try to finish 1-2 IXLs. (Given time in class, I expect you’ll be done around now.)

Friday-Sunday: Make up missing homework or get a head start on next week’s homework.