11/16/2015 AC Work

DUE 11/16/2015
  1. Study for the test.
    • The test will be 75 questions, broken down as such:
      • 29 questions from the English section of an ACT exam (2 of 5 passages)
      • 35 questions on other grammatical skills we have learned, drawn from or similar to IXL practice.
    • To study, review notes & homework (accessible on the ACH work page) from 10/12/2015 until present. Only grammar, vocabulary, and ACT questions will appear on the test.
      • Just re-reading or re-reading & re-writing notes is an ineffective way to study. Neuroscience shows that it is, essentially, a waste of your time. Here are some more effective study techniques:
        • Do practice problems (either IXL or the non-IXL I have listed on my Materials page)
        • Practice writing sentences with the relevant grammatical component (e.g. a sentence with an introductory prepositional phrase)
        • Practice sample ACT problems on the subject (e.g. Google ‘semicolon ACT practice questions’)
        • Relearn the topic from another explanation (e.g. an online resource linked to on my Materials page). Keep your notes open for reference.
        • Make your own study guide, with all the material & examples summarized for easy review. Many consider the process of making a study guide to be one of the best ways to study.
    • Study tips in the Modifiers, Transitions, & Diction presentation:
  2. Makeup missing assignments to earn credit. Let me know when you have made up assignments.