11/12/2015 ACH


I hope you’re not too young to get this reference.

  • Get ready to kill Monday’s test!
  1. Pod-Individual: practice new question types on slides 8-86 of the ACT English Review presentation.
  2. Individual: Practice any questions at the end of the slideshow that you didn’t review earlier.
  3. Individual: Study for exam. Here are some resources at your disposal. For study techniques, see recommendations on the Work page.
    1. Identify confusing topics in your notes. Read online explanations in the Grammar section of my Materials page. Feel free to open relevant presentations.
    2. Read over these ACT review cards.
    3. Review a few questions on each old IXL, all linked to in the Studying section of my Materials page.
    4. Practice college-level vocabulary beginning with A.
    5. Work through FIVE sample passages from real ACT English tests.