11/9/2015 CP

Due 11/16/2015

This is a light work week, so you should spend the extra time catching up on old homework. Here are my recommendations of what you do at home (or in tutoring) each day.

Monday: You do not have class. Use this time to catch up on missing IXLs or old vocabulary work. Try to complete 2-3 IXLs or move 10%-15% on vocabulary.com.

Tuesday: You have time to master or mostly master the I Have A Dream word list in class. If not, finish it for homework. If so, work on old vocabulary work or IXL.

Wednesday: You have now had 3 weeks to work exclusively on vocabulary.com, with substantial time in class. You should be almost done with the assigned work. Try to move your word list 10-15%.

Thursday: You should have finished the rhetorical analysis in class. If not, rewrite it to satisfaction. If so, try to move your vocabulary.com work 10-15%.

Friday-Sunday: Move vocabulary.com work 10-15% per day. If your IXL grades are less than perfect, go through old IXLs and get them up to 90 Smart Points or above.