11/5/2015 CP

  • Our next test will be in 2-3 weeks. Questions will be drawn from three sources: i) vocabulary.com; ii) real ACT Reading Comprehension sections; iii) real ACT English sections
    • If you elected to not review your mistakes on the last test, then I suggest you do so in your own time. Otherwise you will not see much improvement on the ACT English portion of this upcoming test.
  • The IXL progress page is up and running again. Compare it to my Materials page to see what homework you’re missing.

  1. Vocabulary
  2. Introduce and prepare for the ACT Reading Comprehension section

Do now: Work on your vocabulary assignments.

  1. Take a sample ACT Reading passage
  2. Trade and grade
  3. Take notes on the ACT Reading presentation
  4. Work through a second sample passage
  5. Trade and grade