11/2/2015 CP

  • Weekly upkeep
  • Study college-level “B” words
  • Read, comprehend, and discuss Teddy Roosevelt’s Man in the Arena speech

Do now (15 mins):

A) Write down the week’s assignment, either in a planner, ToDoist, a note on your phone, or your notebook.

B) If you have yet to see the data from our latest test, please read about it on my post Exam 3 Reflections.

C) The gods have answered your wish: IXL rolled out an analytics page that allows you to view your progress on various skills from your phone. Take a second to explore it.

  • A list of all IXLs assigned can be found on the Studying section of my Materials page. Take a moment now and write down a list of those (if any) that you plan to move to 95.

D) Tyjah Cooper, Barbara Sharp, Alyssa Reynolds, and Nykayla Sampson: I do not have your vocabulary.com login info. Please fill out this form and then change your account password to “student”. I can’t give you credit for your vocabulary.com work until you do this.

E) Jalynn McCary, Alyssa Waldon, Destiny Jackson, Latrell Jones, Timberly Long, Kasie Stith, Ann’drea Jackson: You have not changed your vocabulary.com account password to “student”. Please do so now. Otherwise I cannot give you credit for your vocabulary.com work.

  1. Individual (30 mins): Begin studying 100 college-level words beginning with B
    • Remember to click “Learn this list” and then “Practice”.
  2. Individual-Pod (30): Read Teddy Roosevelt’s Man in the Arena for comprehension. Summarize main points in the margins—aim for 5 or fewer words.
  3. Group (15): Discuss Teddy Roosevelt’s Man in the Arena.