11/2/2015 ACH

“Brief is the season of man’s delight.”—Pindar (522–443 BC), about dropping from 94 to 87 on IXL


Learn how to write concisely.


Do now please:

A) Write down the week’s assignment, either in a planner, ToDoist, a note on your phone, or your notebook.

B) The gods have answered your wish: IXL rolled out an analytics page that allows you to view your progress on various skills from your phone. Take a second to explore it.

  • You have been assigned everything up to “Use the correct pair of correlative conjunctions (10th)” in the Studying section of my Materials page. I give full credit for all late work.

C) Open presentation on concision.

  1. Group-Independent (15 mins):
    • Take notes on redundancy (presentation)
  2. Independent (15 mins):
  3. Group-Independent (15 mins):
    • Take notes on verbose phrases & passive voice (presentation)
  4. Independent (15 mins):
  5. Group-Independent (20 mins):
    • Take notes on verbose phrases (presentation)
  6. Independent (10 mins):