10/26/2015 CP


Review grammar rules and practice applying them to the ACT


Do now please:

Go to the Work page and review the week’s assignments. Record your homework somewhere (if you do not have a physical planner, I suggest the app Todoist.)

  • Remember, you can make up missing assignments. To check your Smart Points for each IXL skill, go to Language Arts > Topics or Grades. To check your mastery of each list on vocabulary.com, go to My Progress.

  1. In your pods, work through the ACT English Test from slide 87 (“Punctuation”) until the end.
    • Take notes of key concepts to review. Remember, you should paraphrase in notes.
    • Do not just click through to see the answer. Try to answer it yourself first, as a pod. Usually you practice a new skill with IXL; here you are practicing with real ACT questions.
    • Any slides you don’t finish in class are homework.
    • Call me over with any questions about either a grammatical rule or the answer to one of the practice problems.