10/26/2015 AC

  1. Learn and practice distinguishing phrases from clauses
  2. Learn and practice distinguishing restrictive from non-restrictive phrases

Do now please:

i) Go to the Work page and review the week’s assignments. Record your homework somewhere (if you do not have a physical planner, I suggest the app Todoist.)

  • Remember, you can make up missing assignments. To check your Smart Points for each IXL skill, go to Language Arts > Topics or Grades. To check your mastery of each list on vocabulary.com, go to My Progress.

ii) Open presentation on phrases vs. clauses & restrictive vs. non-restrictive modifiers

  1. Group-Independent (30 mins):
    • Take notes on phrases & clauses (presentation)
  2. Independent (20 mins):
  3. Group-Independent (15 mins):
    • Take notes on non-restrictive vs. restrictive phrases (presentation)
  4. Independent (25 mins):