10/13-14/2015 AC(H)

The Stanford marshmallow experiment

  1. Learn and practice punctuating complete sentences.
  2. Learn and practice identifying active vs. passive voice.

Do now please:

i) If you haven’t, change your www.vocabulary.com account password to “student” (Go to My Account > Password > Change)

ii) Use this form to tell me the email associated with your vocabulary.com account.

iii) Log in on IXL

iiii) Open presentation on complete sentences & active vs. passive voice

  1. Group-Independent (25 mins):
    • Take notes on complete sentences (presentation)
  2. Independent (20 mins):
  3. Group (20 mins):
    • Take notes on active vs. passive voice (presentation)
  4. Independent (10 mins):
  5. Group (10 mins):
    • Practice identifying active vs. passive voice (presentation)
  6. Independent (10 mins):