Work 10/12/2015 CP

  • Starting second quarter, late work will only earn you 50% credit (rather than the previous 100%).
    • I will only check makeup work at the same time I check regular work.
  • I  will share with you my rubric for grading, and it will be more rigorous than first quarter.
  • Tests will be curved so that the lowest score is now a 50% rather than 60%.
DUE 10/19/2015

For help on any of the below work, please first see my Materials page (presentations, etc.), then message me.

A) Earn at least 95 Smart Points on the following IXL skills:

Extra Credit: A piece of paper (or a page in your notebook) of sentences with the following components:

  1. i) Subject complement ii) Gerund iii) Modifier
  2. i) Direct object ii) Indirect object iii) Appositive phrase iiii) Prepositional phrase
  3. i) Object complement ii) Past participle iii) Subordinating conjunction (i.e. signal word / phrase)
  4. Write two sentences with a weak noun. Then rewrite them with strong verbs.