Work 10/12/2015 AC

  • Starting second quarter, late work will only earn you 50% credit (rather than the previous 100%).
    • I will only check makeup work at the same time I check regular work.
  • I  will share with you my rubric for grading, and it will be more rigorous than first quarter.
  • Tests will be curved so that the lowest score is now a 50% rather than 60%.
DUE 10/19/2015

For help on any of the below work, please first see my Materials page (presentations, etc.), then message me.

  • Read the Gettysburg Address for comprehension, i.e. make brief annotations in the margins summarizing main points
  • Write a rhetorical analysis of the Gettysburg Address

Earn at least 95 Smart Points on the following IXL skills: