Reflections on Exam 2 ACH

Congratulations. This was a longer, harder test that covered more material. On average, you scored 13 points higher. Grades in SIS are your curved, not raw, score. For more information on curving, as well as how to find your raw score, please see my earlier post: Reflections on Grading.

  • Something to keep in mind regarding curving: Suppose a student earned a 69% on the first exam and a 70% on this second one. Ostensibly, she improved by 1 point only. That 1 point, however, actually reflects relative rank. The class scored an average of 13 points higher (on a harder test). Hence, to maintain her relative rank, the student must have likewise grown significantly. Had she stagnated, as the 1 point differential makes it appear, then her rank (and thus curved score) would have fallen compared to her peers.

To find your raw score (# correct / total #), plug these variables into the equation I gave in Reflections on Grading:

  • ACH average raw score = x0 = 0.6127946128
  • ACH new average score = y= .75
  • coefficient required to move the lowest score to .60 = (y1 – y0 / x1 – x0) = 0.8650485437
  • f(x) = your curved grade divided by 100 (so if you earned an 87, this would equal .87)