10/7-8/2015 AC(H)

  1. Learn the following rhetorical devices: polysyndeton, asyndeton, isocolon, diction, connotation, contrast, and repetition
  2. Practice reading for comprehension
  3. Practice identifying rhetorical devices
  4. Become familiar with the Gettysburg Address

Do now please (12 mins): i) Take out your notebook ii) Copy definitions of polysyndeton, asyndeton, isocolondiction, connotation, contrast, and repetition

  1. Group-Independent (12 mins):
    • Presentation on new rhetorical devices. Take notes.
  2. Group (5 mind):
    • Mr. S introduces the Gettysburg Address.
  3. Individual-Pod (30 mins):
    • Read the Gettysburg Address for comprehension.
      • Remember, reading for comprehension means making brief annotations in the margins summarizing main points
  4. Pod-Group (30):
    • Identify rhetorical devices in the Gettysburg Address