Reflections on Exam 2 AC

Congratulations. This was a longer, harder test that covered more material. On average, you scored 4 points higher. Grades in SIS are your curved, not raw, score. For more information on curving, as well as how to find your raw score, please see my earlier post: Reflections on Grading

  • Something to keep in mind regarding curving: Suppose a student earned a 69% on the first exam and a 70% on this second one. Ostensibly, she improved by 1 point only. That 1 point, however, actually reflects relative rank. The class scored an average of 4 points higher (on a harder test). Hence, to maintain her relative rank, the student must have likewise grown significantly. Had she stagnated, as the 1 point differential makes it appear, then her rank (and thus curved score) would have fallen compared to her peers.

To find your raw score (# correct / total #), plug these variables into the equation I gave in Reflections on Grading:

  • ACH average raw score = x0 = 0.4654882155
  • ACH new average score = y= .75
  • coefficient required to move the lowest score to .60 = (y1 – y0 / x1 – x0) = 0.7781659389
  • f(x) = your curved grade divided by 100 (so if you earned an 87, this would equal .87)