9/29/2015 CP

A note on my absence

I am unexpectedly absent. I have adjusted the agenda to succeed without me. Use your tablet to follow the agenda as best you can. It goes without saying, but make sure to welcome the substitute teacher to our home. Treat him or her with the hospitality and deference you would any guest of good intent. I know you’ll make me gush with pride.

  1. Read Frederick Douglass’s Fourth of July
    • Practice reading for comprehension

Do now please: As a class or in pods, watch a video reading of Frederick Douglass’s What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?

  • Fun fact: James Earl Jones, the reader here, voiced Darth Vader in Star Wars and Mufasa in The Lion King.
  • Optional: Read a brief biography of Frederick Douglass’s amazing and inspiring life. (Seriously, when I would get stressed in college, I would delve into Douglass history to remind myself of his example. For a long time, Douglass was my desktop background.)
  1. Independently, practice vocabulary for Frederick Douglass’s What to the Slave is July Fourth?
    • That should link you to a vocabulary.com word list (also available on the Materials page). Click “learn this list” and then practice it.
  2. Independently, read and annotate Fourth of July? (handed out by substitute, available as a Word Doc or online)
    • Summarize main points in the margins. Summaries should be circa 5 words.
  3. In pods, compare main points.
  4. As a group, compare main points.