Advice for Exam 2 (9/25/2015)

Like the last test, this one is inclusive. That means it will cover everything we learned so far. My assessment grade reflects current mastery, so if you improve, it will either outweigh or replace the earlier grade.

Here are some study tips. NB: Nothing below will be counted in your Work grade. The IXL skills, for instance, are only for *your* practice to review material from the first test. They are not assignments, per se.

on the test & how to review
  • You mastered last week’s IXL skills to 90%. Earning those last 10% on each IXL skill will serve as a great way to review.
    • Always attempt IXL with the relevant notes open in front of you. When you get an IXL question wrong, always see why (in orange at the bottom). If you do not understand that explanation, review the relevant rules (given in blue). This is guaranteed the fastest way to get through IXL work; you will also learn the material, so you can ace the tests.
  • Use your resources, including your notes, Mr. S, and the Materials page. Materials has links to definitions & explanations of everything we’ve done, as well as Power Points, IXL and non-IXL practice.
  • Review every night. The only homework you have this week is Monday’s lectures and a rhetorical analysis. Put off the rhetorical analysis until the weekend and spend Tuesday-Friday studying. You will have Thursday in class to study too.
  • To see what you’ve mastered, go to Language Arts > Topics. Our IXL skills can be found in the following topics:
    • Capitalization and punctuation
    • Grammar
    • Nouns
    • Pronouns
    • Sentences
    • Verbs
    • Writing and composition