Missed notes, 9/18/2015

Missed notes

CP 1-2

Here is a rule for comparatives & superlatives:

One syllable words take “-er” and “-est”, e.g. taller, tallest

Two syllable words that end in ‘y’ take “-er” and “-est”, e.g. happier, happiest

Other words take ‘more’ or ‘most’, e.g. more intelligent, most intelligent

CP 7-8

Words that are capitalized:

  • First word of a sentence
  • Pronoun ‘I’
  • Proper names, e.g. Golden Gate Bridge, Supreme Court
  • Names, e.g. Zeus, Costa Rica, God (but not gods, when you’re talking about ‘gods’ as a group), Mother (when used as a name, as in “I bought the gift for mother”)
  • Directions that are names, e.g. he moved to the Midwest
  • Days of the week & holidays, e.g. Monday, Halloween
  • Companies, e.g. Microsoft
  • Periods & events, e.g. World War II, the Great Depression
  • National, political, racial, social, civic, and athletic groups, e.g. Democrats, African-Americans
  • Seasons when used in a title, e.g. the Fall 1999 semester
  • Major words in titles of books, articles, and songs, e.g. Romeo and Juliet
  • Titles preceding names, e.g. Mayor Duhon