Complete parallelism & learn dangling modifiers

do now

Review notes on parallelism

  1. Finish parallelism practice questions
  2. Open presentation on Dangling Modifiers
  3. Take notes on dangling modifiers video
  4. Group / pod practice of dangling modifiers
  5. Optional extra notes on dangling modifiers
  6. Begin your dangling modifiers homework

Achieve at least 90 Smart Points on the following IXL skills. Feel free to consult your notes or my Materials page. You can ask a peer to explain a concept, but not how to answer a specific question.

  1. Conjugating “to be”
  2. Subject-verb agreement
  3. Subject-verb agreements with indefinite pronouns
  4. Subject-verb agreements with compound subjects
  5. Commas review
  6. Misplaced or dangling modifiers
  7. Identify parallel structure
  8. Identify prepositional phrases
  9. Use comparative and superlative adjectives
  10. Capitalization

Master the vocab from Lincoln’s Second Inaugural (also available on my Materials page) from vocabulary.com. Make sure to log into your account so I can track your progress.

NB: Material will be taught throughout the week. As of today, you should be able to complete all of them except “misplaced or dangling modifiers”.