9/15/2015 CP

Do now
  1. If your name IS NOT on the list below, you did not do last night’s homework carefully enough. I do not have you in my class on http://www.vocabulary.com so I cannot give you credit for your time / questions answered. Please click here to join.

Friend, Sterling, McClain, Cole, Cooper, Davis & Davis, Jackson, Johnson, McCary, Parker, Sampson, Sharp, Stith Chloe, Stith Louis, Tramble, Warren

2. Review your comma rules.


Learn to write with proper comma usage.

  • Comma review (work through the comma exercises in yesterday’s Power Point)
  • Learn the difference restrictive & non-restrictive modifiers (see info on the Materials page).

Do whichever you didn’t do last night, either grammar or vocabulary review. To refresh you, here is last night’s homework posted again.