Work 9/14/2015 AC

DUE 9/21/2015

Achieve at least 90 Smart Points on the following IXL skills. Feel free to consult your notes or my Materials page. You can ask a peer to explain a concept, but not how to answer a specific question. Do not give help before someone hits “submit” or there will be penalties.

Write a 2 paragraph rhetorical analysis of The Crisis. For help writing a rhetorical analysis, see the resources on my Materials page. Remember, every analysis needs:

  • The author’s goal / purpose in the speech
  • The rhetorical device(s) you are focusing no
  • The intended effect of the rhetorical device (not the content of what he’s saying, but why he said it the way he did)
  • The actual effect of the device (did it help him achieve his goal or was it ineffective)