9/14/2015 CP


Master grammar rules surrounding subject-verb agreement & commas

  1. Watch this video on subject-verb agreement

2. Work through the subject-verb agreement & comma practice on this Power Point

  1. Review how to conjugate “to be”. This will help with a lot of subject-verb agreement.

2. Open your browser and log into your IXL account. Work on the following three 10th-grade skills until you have achieved 80 smart points in each.

3. If your name is NOT on the list below, I do not have you in my class for http://www.vocabulary.com. Log into your account and click here to join my College Prep 10 classes.

NB: I can see how much you play. I have assigned one to two nights of vocab homework. My homework should take about 40 minutes, so you should have played between 40 and 80 minutes. If not, your homework grade will suffer. My homework is directly aligned with my tests, so studying vocab will help boost your test scores too! So far, I have only assigned you to study words from the 6 texts posted. Make sure all those lists are in your account.

College Prep 10 (currently in my class)

Friend, D
Sterling, I
McClain, M
Cole, A
Cooper, T
Davis, Anbreona
Davis, Anteona
Jackson, A
Johnson, S
McCary, J
Parker, N
Sampson, N
Sharp, B
Stith, C
Stith, L
Tramble, K
Warren, K