• Practice a) reading for comprehension and b) identifying rhetorical devices
  • Take the first exam
  • Read Thomas Paine’s The Crisis (available on the Materials page)
    • Circle new words. Look them up. Write them down in your notebook. Annotate main points in the margin.
    • Identify rhetorical devices. Note them in the margins.
  • Click HERE to join my class on vocabulary.com
    • Click HERE and click “Learn this list” to get the word list for Thomas Paine’s The Crisis.
    • Click HERE and click “Learn this list” to get the word list for Patrick Henry’s Liberty or Death.
  • Play on vocabulary.com for at least 30 minutes. Either “practice” each list or click “The Challenge” and play that.
    • Remember: I can see how long you play, how many questions you answer, etc.