9/9 ACH


College Prep Entrance Workshops (designed for seniors, but possibly of interest to you as well):

Wednesday, September 9th, 2:50-4:30 in the library:
  • Help with writing Personal Statement Essays and review for students who have already written essays
  • Help with writing Resumes and review of essays by professionals for students who have already written essays
  • Interviewing Skills: How to prepare for a job interview, Making a good first impression, how to sell yourself in 30 seconds or less how to create a student portfolio

Thursday, September 17th, 2:50-4:30 in the Library:

  • Mock Interviews with professionals
    • Sonia Deal-Director of Grace Hill Health Center
    • LaShona McGrew- Vice President of Mcormack Baron Ragen Management Services, Inc
    • Eric Outlaw- Owner of Outlaw Inc and Styles
    • William Anderson-Army Recruiter
    • Antionette Carroll- Executive Director of creative Reaction Lab at Saint Louis University

With questions, email Amber Mitchell at mitchella2@jenningsk12.us.


Identify your reading level


Take the SRI test

  1. If for some reason you are not on Remind (i.e. you do not receive my frequent messages), go to my Materials page and join your class (class code: schiffres).
  2. If you haven’t already, sign up for a Vocabulary.com account in my class by clicking here: http://vocab.com/join/19MDYNV
    1. Then go to my Materials page and click on the links under Vocabulary > Texts. Each link you click will upload a customized vocab list from that text. Once you open a link, click “Learn this list”.
      1. NB: You do not need to “master” all of these words for homework. Simply add them to your lists. Words from every list I assign will show up in your tests in the future, so it behooves you to master it on your own. I may, from time to time, assign vocabulary practice as explicit homework. Assume it is always implicit homework (i.e. do it when you have some downtime to get ahead).
  3. Many of you have failed to complete sundry mastery assessments. An “X” is marked under your name below if you have completed the relevant assessment. So far, American Canon has taken Apostrophes 1, Commas 1, and Introduction. Please complete those if you have yet to do so. Also complete Rhetorical Devices 1 and Run-ons & Fragments 1 for homework.
    1. Remember, these are graded for effort, so this is a chance for redemption before progress reports are printed.
    2. The sheet may not update as you complete each assessment. Consider making a list of what you need to do before you begin.

Apostrophes 1

Commas 1

Rhetorical Devices 1

Run-ons & Fragments 1