9/4 CP

Your mission, should you choose to accept it
  1. Organize main points of George Washington’s Farewell Address into an outline
Do now

Conference in pods to see if the folks who did the homework last night have any main points to add to the pod list.

  1. Review main points
  2. Introduce outlines
  3. Organize main points into outline on shared document

Write your own objective summary for Washington’s Farewell Address (available, with supplementary info, on the Materials page). Before you begin, please review my step-by-step process for objective summary (with resources) on the Objective Summary section of the Materials page.

As a reminder:

  1. Read for comprehension. Look up new vocabulary. Jot main points in the margin.
  2. On a separate page, organize main points in an outline. Your outline should list main points in the order you plan to write about them. Can ideas be logically grouped together? Are ideas contrasting? Begin to group in the same way you will write about them.
    • e.g. a) “group loyalty is natural” b) “group loyalty threatens national unity” could be organized as “group loyalty is natural BUT it threatens national unity”. Now you know those need to be contrasted (with a word such as “but”, “yet”, “however”, etc.) in your final objective summary.
  3. Dress up your outline with transition words. Fix your grammar. etc.

CP 1-2: here is your in-class outline. CP 7-8: since you did not have a chance to complete yours due to the pep rally, please feel free to use CP 1-2’s. Everyone: I must see evidence of your own, personal outlining process.

As always, let me know if you have any trouble over the weekend. I’m your ally as you try to conquer this new, challenging, and incredibly important skill.

PS I have rifled through Washington’s hand-written personal papers, and I can attest that he also outlined. There are reasons “great” men, such as Washington and Jefferson, are remembered as such—they’re perceived as clear thinkers because they outline their writing.