Do now

Today’s Do Now (on rhetorical devices)


Choose a rhetorical device that we have learned and identify two examples in Thomas Paine’s The Crisis. In your notebooks, write a literary analysis (at least 8 sentences, 1-2 paragraphs) of how his use of that device affects his message. Your analysis must include information on:

  1. Paine’s message & goal with the piece, as well as background historical setting if relevant (e.g. “In The Crisis, Thomas Paine argues …”)
  2. The literary device in question and his use of it
  3. Does the rhetorical device makes Paine’s message more or less effective? How so? (e.g. “His use of alliteration in the phrase ‘summer soldier’ [has the following effect]”)

Remember to always, always, always cite textual evidence!


Today we learned the following rhetorical devices: alliteration, parallelism, personification, aphorism, antithesis, and the rhetorical question. Then we identified examples of these devices in our abridged version of Paine’s The Crisis. As always, materials can be found on the Materials page.

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Mr. Schiff