1. Please complete the Do Later for 8/24/2015.
  2. If you did not complete this weekend’s homework assignment, download, read, and complete that. Homework will henceforth be assigned in PDF form—a very standard format in the professional world. Tools for opening PDFs can be found on the Materials page under “Homework”.
  1. We have a CP 10 parent meeting Thursday, August 27th at 6 pm in the library. The topic will be requirements for the Missouri A+ Program. Please notify your caretaker.
  2. Our first exam will be this Friday. It will cover everything we have learned so far, including vocabulary (only words on the Word List), grammar, rhetorical devices, argumentation (e.g. premise-conclusion form), and the four Revolutionary texts we will have worked through by then.

There are resources explaining everything we have learned thusfar on the Materials page. During the week, please budget some time to review your notes in conjunction with the online resources. I am happy to clarify any material, but you are expected to come to me with specific questions.

NB: The following are deliberate: a) I am not giving you a detailed list of tested topics (rather, it is all inclusive of material covered in class); b) I am not structuring your study time; c) I am laying the impetus to understand material on you (i.e. you approach me to clarify confusing material). This is how you will be assessed in college, so I am beginning to transfer responsibility to you here & now.


For those who missed today’s material (info on bolded terms are available on the Materials page):

  1. Review rhetorical devices that we already learned (anaphora, caesura, allusion, analogy,  ethos, pathos, logos)
  2. Record definitions and examples for epistrophe, chiasmus, and antimetabole.
  3. Identify examples of rhetorical devices in The Crisis (abridged).

Now you know this! Knowledge is power.